Railing against Abuse Rally in Swindon
Club members from all over the South West region joined together to mark ‘Elimination of Violence against Women’ Day which is on 25th November.  We walked through the shopping area of Swindon handing out ‘Love me, Love me not’ bookmarks to bring awareness to the public about domestic violence. We then ended up at the Steam museum where we had speeches from the Deputy Lord Lieutenant and Angus McPherson the Wilsthire County Police Commissioner. We also had a musical rendtion from a women’s group who call themselves thrivers as well as survivors of Domestic Abuse.
‘Voices’charity speaks at our meeting
2 ladies from the charity ‘Voices’ spoke to us about their worthwhile cause helping victims of domestic violence.  They provide various programmes and meeting points for ladies to come together and share their experiences and learn that they are not alone and that they can move on.
We enjoyed listening to local charity ‘Voices’ at our supper meeting and heard what valuable support they give to victims of domestic violence.  They have been around for only a few years but have made a huge impact on women’s lives and helped them through difficult times.

SI St Austell shared one of their successful projects with the rest of the regional clubs at today’s meeting showcasing the use of soft loans to women worldwide with huge success stories.  They were wearing T shirts saying ‘Deeds not Words’ on the front and on the back ‘Women and Empower’.IMG_6132

Giving away free books for International Literacy Day

We set up a stall with free books to give away at the Bathampton Village Fete.  We were lucky enough to receive some donations towards the Federation’s Meru Women’s Garden project.IMG_6087

RUH Forever Friends Appeal ‘Walk for Life’ event

We did some marshalling at the RUH Forever Friends Appeal ‘Walk for Life event on Saturday 12th May.  We witnessed many walkers who were walking in memory of their loved ones and many breast cancer survivors and supporters of this wonderful appeal.The weather was good and smiles were abundant as the endow the walk was close.  Well done all the walkers.20160512

Fairtrade products were used to celebrate Mother’s Day and a 30th birthday.  From cakes, desserts, coffee, wine and sparkling rose, as much produce was used as possible to support fair trade in 3rd world countries. Bon appetit!

Buy Fairtrade products at your local store and support the farmers overseas.  Lots of lovely items for sale.


It happened!

What a wonderful evening of reflection and celebration as we marked the centenary of Women gaining the right to vote. We looked at the past, present and future.  From a story of a Suffragette read by Pat Stevens whose Great Aunt Laura Ainsworth was a suffragette, to the view of a present day woman read by our President, Professor Helen Young, and then onto the future role of women through the eyes of 4 young ladies read by Becca Tucker and Tilda Snook.

An outburst from the Walcot State choir in the middle of the reflection made an impact which surprised the congregation replicating the outburst that the suffragettes made during a service held in Bath Abbey.

There were representatives from the Clergy (Rev Roger Driver and Rev Jane Haslam) as well as our own Soroptimist Sisters and other clubs including our regional President Daphne Dowsing who described the role and visions of Soroptimist International .  Julie Cooper from Bath Business Women’s Association read a poem and we finished off with a rousing rendition of Jerusalem.

The evening was supported by the Lord Lieutenant for Somerset, the Mayor of Bath and Chair of the Council as well as many friends and women’s organisations and refreshments were available afterwards.


World Literacy Day 8th September 2017

We handed out free books to commuters and travellers at Chippenham Station to mark this special day.  We had a great response and managed to fund raise as well.  We were supported by local MP Michelle Donelan.IMG_5847




World Book Day


Take the time to read a book or lend a book to somebody. It’s never too late to learn.

Education is the key to ending poverty.




Why not hold a coffee morning and raise money for research towards this debilitating disease?  

To find out more about this silent killer contact


“Railing against Abuse”

Clubs form the South West Region came together to mark the United Nations Day of Elimination of Violence against women.

We wore orange which is the international colour and we gave out book marks making people aware of the signs of abuse.  We all met up at Bristol Temple Meads adn walked to the local charity Next Link who help women fleeing domestic abuse and then we walked to College Green  and had coffee  adn refreshments at the Lord Mayor’s Chapel.  Tara Newley joined us on the rally and appreciated our participation.

‘Pretty in pink’ by the pool at the Federation conference at the Hilton hotel in Malta.

Members from all over the world came together to show their support for the breast cancer campaign.

Flower Bed Celebrating 90 years. Bath Council’s Parks Department has created this display at the bottom of Wells Road in Bath


20150720_140403 - Copy



International Day of Peace

Observing International Day of Peace by lighting candles at our business meeting in September

Observing International Day of Peace by lighting candles at our business meeting in September

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