Our club wins the Ellen Brawn Award for Soroptimist Programme Action work

At the regional conference 2019 in Brixham our club won the Ellen Brawn Award for Programme Action work that we have done over the last year. We were delighted to receive this prestigious award and to know that our work has been recognised for empowering women and girls locally, nationally and internationally.

Celebrating Pam’s 90th Birthday 

Pam at our recent club meeting blowing out her candles.


Members from the club took Pam Hawker out for her 90th Birthday at the Bailbrook Hotel for a lovely afternoon tea. It was such a pleasure to sit down and relax and enjoy each other’s company.  The tea was delicious and there was plenty of it.  Happy Birthday Pam!


Change of President


President Gillian has served us well over the last 18 months and we thank her for her dedication and commitment to the post.  She was presented with a garden voucher as she is a very keen gardener so hopefully she will find it very useful in the coming months.  Professor Helen Young will be taking over next month.

Our newest member!


Fiona joined our club and was presented with her badge at our last meeting.  Welcome aboard Fiona!


Members of the South West and Channel Islands Region enjoying themselves at the recent International Conference in Istanbul
Members of the South West and Channel Islands Region enjoying themselves at the recent International Conference in Istanbul

Join Us! – Is Soroptimist International for you?

Perhaps you feel that your circle of friends is too insular and you would like to meet women from different walks of life. Or maybe you find that, although you enjoy your job, it demands so much of your energy that you are becoming very single-tracked. You might feel that society is becoming increasingly selfish, but you are powerless to help others meaningfully. You would like to put something back into your community, but are unsure where to start.

It could be that you are aware your knowledge on human rights issues is scanty. But how do you really address the sex trade, child labour and the status of women single-handedly?

Soroptimist International could be the answer. It is about women working together for others, but also for themselves.  We have an active social life and raise money for good causes.

 Benefits of membership

Besides attending frequent local Club meetings, members are invited to regular regional events and study days. All members are invited to the annual Federation Conference, held at a different location in the Federation each year. International Conventions are held once every four years, the location rotating between the four Federations.

As you can see, membership of Soroptimist International gives an opportunity to:

  • broaden your circle of friends and associates
  • develop leadership skills
  • enhance your self confidence and esteem
  • become better informed, and make a difference, on important issues
  • travel nationally and internationally, meeting members at conferences and seminars
  • have fun!

By challenging your thinking on current social issues and contributing to a wider understanding of interntional goodwill, you can influence governments locally, nationally and internationally.

Any members of SIGBI, including those of SI Bath, can also access Federation member-only information, including press releases, Club mailings, guidlines and constitution at:

How to apply

If you would like an introduction to SI Bath, please contact us at and we will arrange for you to attend one of our meetings.

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