Successful bucket collection at Prior Park Garden Centre

May 25, 2019

We did our annual bucket collection at Prior Park Garden Centre for ‘Save the Children’ today and raised £250 towards the charity that is celebrating 100 years. The sun was shining which brought out the customers with a friendly smile.

Fascinating talk about the charity ‘Women and Girls’

May 15, 2019

At our club meeting David Crosweller from the charity ‘Women and Girls’ represented his daughter who is the founder of the charity.  It’s a charity that provides unique sanitary protection to girls and women in India.  The sanitary towels are made from a unique material that can be washed in dirty water but remain clean to use again and again.  This is transfroming lives beyond measure. We gave David a cheque for £100 which we raised from a Neal’s Yard party.

New President presented with her Chain of Office

April 18, 2019

Immediate Past President Diane handed over the Chain of Office to newly appointed President Jenny at our AGM.  President Jenny then gave a a welcoming speech to the attending members and said that she was looking forward to the year ahead and not only working toegther to improve lives of women and girls but also enjoying each other’s company within the club.

We wish her a fulfilling year ahead.IMG_7009

Eco-bricks sent to Region

April 14, 2019

Some of our club members filled plastic bottles with unrecyclable plastic which will be sent to places like Africa to be used for the construction industry or even making playpark activity structures.  It’s a clever way of keeping plastics out of landfill.  Check out to find out more.IMG_6927

How to De-Clutter!

March 21, 2019
We had a meeting last night from a professional organiser, Martha Locke. Martha helps people to de-clutter and does it in a sympathetic way as she realises it is memories that people are frightened of losing by getting rid of things. She also talked about worries people have and how being outside with nature is one of the best remedies. Martha said that some worries are like ice cubes, if you leave them on one side they will just melt away. It was lovely to listen to a young person who cares for people and the environment the way she does.
20190320 Martha

Supporting a local charity ‘Women and Girls’

March 10, 2019

Members from our club attended a special showing of a film called ‘Pad Man’ which was a fundraiser set up by Kathryn Crosweller who runs which provides eco-friendly sanitary wear to girls and women in India.

The film was about a Indian man who invented a sanitary towel machine and how it has helped thousands of women and girls throughout India. Kathryn has set up her own charity which makes eco friendly sanitary wear which can be reused up to 2 years. Each pad costs £5 and can be washed even in dirty water but remains hygienic due to its special properties.

The evening raised enough money to give much needed sanitary wear for 100 girls.IMG_6888

Update from Julian House

February 21, 2019

We had 2 lovely ladies from Julian House visit our meeting on Wednesday evening to update us on the progress that they are making as regards their charity and the steps being taken at the Women’s Refuge which they now run as well as all the other good things they do.

Our club supports Julian House in many ways and we hope to continue to liaise with them in the future.


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