Fundraising Activities 2010-11

Charity Dinner

President Gillian held a charity dinner at her home to raise money for our projects this year – and raised at least £228.  And we were lucky to have one of our German friends, Beate Kirchner there too.


Collection at Leekes in Melksham for Huntingtons Disease Association

We raised a total of £200 collecting at Leekes in Melksham. 

Smartie tubes

President Gillian came up with a wonderful idea to help raise funds for HDA.  Every member was given a tube of Smarties – to eat and fill with those pesky little 20p pieces.  It soon mounts up – each tube generates just over £13! 

75 for 75

Last year was the 75th Anniversary year of SIGBI and our National President, Jackie Mosedale,  set each club a challenge to hold tea parties or other events around World Water Day to raise £75 to fund a Water Aid project in memory of former SIGBI President, Lynn Dunning, who also served as International President from 2005 to 2007.  Despite suffering from cancer for the last 10 years before her death in September 2009, her talent, vigour and dogged determination was an inspiration for many.  She was passionate about improving sanitation – so SIGBI has a new ‘Loos for Lynn’ campaign.

Bras for a Cause

About 20,000 bras of all shapes, colours and sizes, were handed in at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay on Saturday 31 October 2009 at the Soroptimist International of Great Britain and Ireland Federation Conference. They were presented to Oxfam for its Fairtrade project in west Africa, and it is hoped that this will set a world record for the largest number of bras donated at any one time to a charity.

The bras were sent to Oxfam’s Wastesaver textile sorting centre in Huddersfield, from where clothes, including bras, are sorted for resale around the world. Wastesaver currently sells bras to wholesalers in developing countries, such as those in Senegal who sell the bras on to local traders and small companies who sell them to local women, thus providing employment opportunities and meeting the needs of local people, particularly women.

Bath City Farm

We held a collection during 2009 at the Prior Park Garden centre, which raised £200 for Bath City Farm and in total we gave £360 to the farm.

Julian House

We had a request for help with bedding at Julian House. This local charity offers a range of services to the homeless of Bath – including offering a bed for night and some food. The charity operates 10 main projects at 6 different sites in and around Bath. At any one time over 100 people are being helped by the charity – men and women who are homeless, have recently been homeless or who are at risk of becoming homeless. Our coffee morning raised over £100 which was used to provide fresh new bedding for the hostel.

Help for Heroes

We also supported Help for Heroes with a donation of £150. Help for Heroes raises money to support members of the Armed Forces who have been wounded in the service of their country.

Buckets of Love

This was set up in 1960 in Glasgow by Blythwood Care. The buckets contain simple items that can really brighten the day in disaster areas or people living in abject poverty; a piece of string, or a yard of duct tape to patch up a leaky roof, a first aid plaster to cover a child’s cut, a needle and thread to mend clothes that are falling apart, a yo-yo to make a child smile…and a bucket to hold fresh water.  We put together 5 buckets full of useful items that are likely to be part of a load for Haiti where the charity’s partners, the Crossroads Foundation, has asked for family starter kits to help those affected by the huge earthquake.

Macmillan Cancer Support

The club also continued to be represented on the local fund raising branch of Macmillan Cancer Support and one of our members is a Trustee/Director of a National Charity working throughout the UK.

Other Service Projects

We also collected books for our troops in Afghanistan and old jewellery for the British Diabetic Association and turned our hands to knitting premature baby clothes for Southmead Hospital in Bristol.

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